Monday, August 07, 2006

We need Peace in the Middle East, By Eleazar Kauderer

My name is Eleazar Kauderer and I sit back every night and I wonder why? Why is this happening in the world? Why can people not live amongst each other without hating one another? Why do people have to shed blood and take lives rather than live and help this world grow strong? None of this really makes sense. I see images every morning when I wake and every night when I go to sleep of bombs exploding, of people crying, or lives being taken.

These images may be visually troubling to many, but they hit me right at home. I call my father every night to ask if our family in Israel is still alive, or is our home in Haifa destroyed yet. This is a horrible way to live. I grew up in a home where my father would scream every night due to nightmares of various wares he was subjected to. I never really understood what he went through. I heard the horror stories of the Holocaust and than of the liberation of Israel, but I have never seen death and destruction of my people, as I am seeing every day.

To really understand pain and anguish, one has to seriously take a look at the news all day long. You will see the pain people are going through, the crys of a mother burying her son, the rubble falling around people's feet. I again try and try to understand why this is happening, and all I can come up with is madness. All I can come up with is insanity. There is never a real explanation for a mad man, nor a terrorist group, they are just insane and need to be removed from this world. When I would sit up at night and my mother would tell me the horror stories of the Holocaust, I would cry. I would cry hearing and trying to understand why my Grandfather and most of my family were killed. Killed for what reason? Killed for their religion. Killed because they believed in a different faith than Hitler or Killed because the mad man hated his own heritage so much he went insane? This again stems from a mad man. This mad man killed over 6 million Jews and over 3 million Poles to quench his thirst and tend to his insanity.

Following the Holocaust, my mother escaped to Italy, but my father continued on, escaping from a Camp with the underground and setting off for the land that is torn with War. He fought for Israel and assisted in re-creating the Jewish home. Again, this was a worn torn country but it was a fight for land after centuries of banishment. We won. The Jews took their home back and life should have gone on around the world. But the psychotic will always come from the rubble and grow under their rock and spawn seeds that will reek havoc and terror in the world.

What we need to do is help destroy what will always try and destroy us. Pull together and fight against what will stop at nothing to torment the world. Why should we sit back and wait for them to come after the rest of the world again? Why should we wait and hope we do not have a recurrence of 9-11?

We as a people cannot afford more terror and destruction. We dealt with it during 9-11, Spain has dealt with it, the UK had deal with it, Every country is feeling the rath of what began as a Jew hating situation. We cannot allow this war in Israel to continue, because if it does, it may spurn seeds throughout the world that we do not ever want to deal with again!

we need to stick together, help end this war, and combat terrorism where it stands and where it breaths! We must make this a world effort to end this madness!

We as a people, We as a Faith, and We as a life should all be one in the eyes of those that want to destroy any. The Jews must work with all of the faiths and all of the faiths must work with the Jews to stop this madness.

It is time we unified,

take the Rebbi close to our hearts

and fight the evil destroying this world!